Monday, October 30, 2006

Your Opinion Counts!

The Job Lounge has been open for almost seven weeks. About 90 people stop by every day, and I’m wondering what you all think. You’re so quiet!

Please leave me a comment. Tell me which of the following types of posts you like (or don’t like):

1. Questions and answers (such as Resume for MBA Application)

2. Reprinted articles (such as Employers Turn to Blogs to Screen Job Seekers)

3. My musings (such as Handhelds and Your Job Search)

4. Job search tips (such as Overused Phrases)

5. Website and blog recommendations (such as Privacy Online)

Is there something you wish was here that isn’t (other than cheese and crackers)? Please let me hear from you so I know what direction to take The Job Lounge! Just click “comment” and type away. You can be anonymous or not, whichever you prefer.

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