Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Your Blog and Your Next Job

I’m fascinated by the prospect of a job seeker using his or her blog as a part of a job search. Today blogs may not seem all that significant in the job search world. But what about in a few years? I believe the blogosphere is going to become a powerful tool for job seekers and their counterparts: managers seeking job applicants.

That seems to be Louise Fletcher’s take on it, too. In her post, Great Example of Blogging for a Job she links to Kent Blumberg, who is consciously using his blog to promote his strengths as a job candidate. How cool!

If you’re snickering at this notion, take a minute to think back to the late ‘90s when resume banks like Monster and Careerbuilder were just becoming known. Many of us thought the online job search was useful only for job seekers in the technical and marketing fields (i.e., those job seekers and hiring managers who were Internet-savvy at the time). That’s changed a lot in seven or so years. Now, almost everyone from almost every occupation has the know-how to get their resume up on the Web, and most of them stand a chance of benefiting from doing so.

I believe job seeking and applicant searching through blogs is on the horizon. We’ll have to wait and see. Or, if you’re a job seeker who doesn’t like to wait on the sidelines, jump in there and make it happen on your blog.

Let The Job Lounge know about your job search blog (so we can link to it and increase your traffic)!


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