Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Privacy Online

The Pam Dixon Report is a real eye-opener into what’s going on behind the scenes in the vastly lucrative world of online job searching.

Pam is a tenacious reporter who digs deep to discover what happens with the personal information we type into eforms when we participate in resume banks, job boards, and blogs (like this one). She also delves into how we can protect ourselves against cookies and other goodies that track our online surfing activity and use that information for marketing and God knows what (Pam can tell you).

The site also offers the Online Job Search Companion. In Pam’s words, “This guide… is a list of the top 53 key job searching sites online. This list gives detailed information about the privacy practices at each site, including information about how much spam or job offers a resume posted at the site received. Because resumes contain such detailed personal and professional information, it is well worth caring about how job search sites handle privacy issues.”

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