Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Self-Assessment Tests

I’ve never been a big fan of self-assessment tests, even though they’re used extensively in my profession to help people figure out who they are and what careers they should shoot for.

I guess it’s the word “test” that bothers me—the idea that you could fail a test about yourself isn’t all that comforting, especially when you’re already feeling vulnerable by the prospect of a job search. Maybe other folks have had the same reaction. I’ve noticed the creators of these tests have started giving them less intimidating names, like “instruments,” "profilers," and “games.”

Some of these self-assessment tests—I mean, instruments—are said to be very helpful in identifying one’s personality strengths, skills, values, and preferences. Knowing these characteristics can help you find a job that suits you, one that you’re more likely to enjoy and advance in. I’m not sure you need a test to tell you about these characteristics, but I’m curious to know what YOU think.

Let’s try some of these self-assessment thingies and see what we think. The following are ones you can take online for FREE. Check them out and let The Job Lounge know if you think they helped you know yourself better.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Skill Profiler

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Anonymous said...

Susan -
As far as I can tell Career Key isn't free & that Skill Profiler was
developed during the Spanish Inquisition as a way to torture you until your head explodes (in fact the Dept of Labor may be using it to interrogate prisoners in Guantanemo at this very moment.)

The Princeton Review CareerTest is a good one & you can see a few other free tests here:
JobStar Free Career Tests.