Friday, September 22, 2006

E-Cover Letters

When you send your resume via the Internet, do you still need a cover letter? You bet!

If you’re emailing your resume directly to an employer or recruiter, you need to write a very brief note that introduces your resume, which should be placed in the body of your email message (unless the recipient has requested you send your resume as an attachment).

If you’re posting your resume online, see if the resume site has a window for a cover note. If there is such a window, take advantage of it by writing a short message to the recruiter that contains any keywords that don’t appear in your resume.

Whether you’re emailing or posting your cover note, use a writing style that gives a hint of your personality—not overly formal language that makes you sound like every other job seeker. A little personality from a job seeker will be a breath of fresh air to a recruiter who’s been reading zillions of boring resumes all day! For ideas on how to write a cover note that’s friendly but not too informal, read my Cover Letter Guide.

For detailed instructions on how to email or post a resume and cover note online, check out my Electronic Resume Guide.

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nancyresume said...

Good points Susan! Also, I advise job hunters to use the Subject Line of their email carefully (when it is open for their discretionary use). The job title (job opening) is a good item to fill in the Subject Line. This way it will serve as a "convenience" for the receiver telling him/her why you are emailing.