Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Resume for MBA Application

"I'm applying to a top MBA program and one of the application requirements is to provide my resume and cover letter. Before I attach my current resume, I was wondering if you have any insight on whether or not/how a resume should be tweaked when the goal is admission into a program rather than a job."
-– Jason

by Susan Ireland
Jason, make a list of all your paid and unpaid experiences (jobs, internships, community service, and extracurricular activities) that support your MBA application. Add to that list your other relevant qualifications such as languages, awards, honors, scholarships, GPA (if impressive), certificates, and technology.

Revise the resume you created for job applications by incorporating any missing items from your MBA list. When possible, refer to your experiences as achievements that demonstrate responsibility, leadership, good character, teamwork, ingenuity, and awareness of the bottom line—all things that are valued in a top MBA program.

Start your resume with the Education section if you got your undergraduate degree from a prestigious school. If your undergrad degree is NOT from an impressive school, place your Education section near the end of your resume and start your resume with your Experience section. If, however, you have little work experience, start your resume with the Education section (no matter where you got your degree), followed by your Experience section.

There’s no need to put a Job Objective statement on your resume because you’re using it for a school application, not a job application.

For more information on creating resumes for school applications, go to MBA Resumes.

Good luck with your application, Jason!

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