Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Power of My LinkedIn "Update" -- Easy One-Minute Networking!

Six minutes after I typed a message into my Update window on LinkedIn, I got two responses asking more about what I was doing. My message was simply that I was attending a professional conference in San Antonio, Texas last week. A few minutes later I set up a time to meet my two online colleagues face-to-face at the conference!

Week-before-last, one of my updates solicited a response that gave me some good advice, which in turn enriched the blog post I was writing.

Awhile back, I used my Update window to ask if someone could help me with a Powerpoint presentation. My friend Bob read it and sent me a link to just the right information.

Ask and ye shall receive. Don't ask, and.. well it probably ain't gonna happen.

How do people see your LinkedIn updates?
  • If they go to your profile page.
  • If they're connected to you and they get the weekly update email.
  • If they're connected to you, they'll see your update in the list of updates from all their connections on their LinkedIn homepages.
LinkedIn expert, Brenda Bernstein, recommends everyone post an update to his or her LinkedIn profile at least once a week. She's right. There's power in that little Update window, and it's the easiest one-minute networking you can do.

As a job seeker, what updates have you posted that made a difference? What update will you post this week?

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