Monday, June 27, 2011

The Most Common Mistake When Updating a Resume

The most common mistake I see in resumes, cv's, and LinkedIn profiles: use of present tense verbs for experiences that happened in the past.

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Anonymous said...

In college I took a business course where the professor made it very clear that the use of past tense was incorrect when speaking of previous positions. All literature in the course confirmed his teaching. Although I thought it was strange at the time, I practice this technique. On what basis are you sayin that its incorrect to use present tense through out your resume? thank you in advance for your response.

Susan Ireland said...

Hello Anonymous,
I'm afraid I disagree with your college professor, at least in the context of achievement statements on a resume.

Here's my rule of thumb: If the achievement took place in the past and is no longer in progress (such as in a previous job), the action verb in the statement should be past tense. If the achievement is still in progress (such as in your current job), the action verb should be present tense.