Monday, June 20, 2011

Graduating into Retirement: Are You Ready?

My 97-year-old mom was sitting at the dining room table in her assisted living facility when she said, "Everyone should have at least two hobbies by the time they turn 70."

I knew exactly what she meant. Years ago, she co-managed a hotel with my father. When they "graduated" into retirement my mom became a full-time knitter, falling back on a favorite hobby she'd started in her teens. Hundreds of afghans and sweaters later, knitting was something that, until recently, kept her husy and gave her purpose well into retirement..

She also had crossword puzzles, walking, and reading. At 97 she's not able to do all the hobbies she had going when she retired, but she's still able to do some of them.

We think about financial retirement planning, but we don't talk too much about occupational retirement planning. What will you do with your time after you retire? Do you have a hobby or interest to give you purpose and keep you stimulated physically and mentally?

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