Monday, September 21, 2009

I Quit My Job. Can I Erase a Bad Job Reference?

The job market is turbulent. Employers and employees are stressed, and it's showing in their professional -- and unprofessional -- behaviors. Unfortunately, it's often the job seeker who suffers the most, ending up with a bad job reference when employer and employee part company. Can you erase bad job references from your record? That's what the following job seeker would like to do. Continue reading...


Anonymous said...

You should understand the Las Vegas job market before you decide not list this employer. I can almost guess who the company is that you worked for. If it's the company which I believe you are referring to, they will only verify that you worked there, but if the potential employer knows the owner of the company, he may get a direct call. In which case, he is known to give a bad reference to former employers.

Anonymous said...

People have to stop to relay their lives on references. This is unethical.

- I never give reference to people, if asked my answer is: "aren't you able to create your own opinion?"

- If they want references, I show them my payslips, if they said is not enough I reply "Don't you believe me?" And I ask myself whether is worth working there.