Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Word 2007 Plain Text Resume

I'd like to put my resume online so I'm available to recruiters but I need to post it in Plain Text. I tried following the directions listed on the Riley Guide but it doesn't list them specifically for Windows Vista (MS Word 2007). When I followed the directions for Windows XP it didn't work. Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.

My instructions on Riley Guide are for pre-2007 versions of Word. You're using Word 2007, which looks and feels like a different animal, compared to earlier versions.

The timing of your question is perfect. I've just updated my instructions for converting a Word 2007 document to Plain Text. Here they are:
1. Open the MS Word document that contains your resume.
2. Click the Office button (the colorful logo in a circle found in the upper left corner of your MS Word window).
3. Click Save As and select Other Formats.
4. At the bottom of the window that pops up on your screen, type in a new name for this document in the File Name field, such as “ResPlainText.”
5. Under this is the Save As Type pull-down menu. Scroll down this list to select “Plain Text (*.txt).”
6. Click Save to perform the conversion.
7. When the File Conversion window appears, click OK without changing any of the settings.

If you have any problem following these steps, please let me know via email ( or post a comment after this post. I want to be sure my instructions are clear; and I appreciate the feedback.

Good luck with your online job search!

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Anonymous said...

These directions are VERY clear -- made it easy to save a resume in Plain Text. THANK YOU!!