Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bullet Points in Your Cover Letter

A few bullet point statements in your cover letter can add graphic appeal and highlight items you want the employer to focus on. This technique can be used in a cover letter that's posted online, in an email cover note, or in a traditional hardcopy letter.

An electronic cover note with bullet points might look like this:
Dear Hiring Manager,
Your job post indicates that your new project manager will be working with three engineers. I'd like to discuss with you:
- A brief question about the project that shows you're ready to hit the ground running.
- Another relevant question about the project.

I have attached my resume, as well as inserting it below.
Thank you,
Joseph Ellington


Simon Clay-Michael said...

another way to make your cover letter stand out, and to highlight your skills is to use a two column section.

One column can be "co wants" the other "I have" or you use "Technical skills" and "Business skills" as your two headings.

The beauty of this is it imparts a load of information very quickly to the reader and is flexible so you can have whatever you want for each column

Simon at
- Your personal job-search assistant

Susan Ireland said...

Thank you, Simon!