Friday, September 12, 2008

Outsourced Resume Writing

I recently got an email solicitation from someone in another country, offering to do resume writing on my behalf for job seekers. In other words, he wanted to do the back-end work of my Resume Writing Team, charge me peanuts, and let me charge my clients big bucks. I rejected his offer because it didn't feel ethical and because I strongly maintain that there's only one way to produce an effective resume: The resume writer must work directly with the job seeker (in person or by phone and email).

If you're thinking of hiring a professional resume writer, be careful! There are many fine professional resume writers who provide personalized attention to their clients, resulting in wonderful resumes. However, there are also resume companies who promise personalized resumes when, in fact, they are using the type of service reflected in this email solicitation I got. (Note: I have not corrected the grammatical and spelling errors in this person's email. I have only deleted words that would indicate his identity.)
As you know at the moment, there is great potential for outsourcing freelance resume writers from [country]. This could not only reduce the volume of your work but also give a boost to your price structure. In other words, you could outsource any of your resume writing work to me for a mutually agreeable price.

Attached is a docket on outsourcing of resume writers. All you need to provide is a rough skeleton of what you exactly require.

Ofcourse, the final proofreading and editing would always be done by you or your team.

The BENEFIT - Reduced costs and at the same time, increased productivity.

Nonetheless, would appreciate your views on same.

Ofcourse, something about me now - am a handicapped freelance content writer and involved in blogging, freelance writing, resume writing, content writing, editing, proofreading, online marketing, SEO and market research. Am also involved in web design, proofreading of essay and term paper writing. Attached is my resume and kindly treat is as a sample.

Given below is my current resume writing price structure

Senior Level Executives - USD. 25.00 [would generally consist of 3 pages]
Mid Level Career Professionals - USD. 20.00 [would be 2 pages]
Graduate/ Entry Level - USD. 15.00 [most cases it would be 1 page]
Cover Letter [plus resume] - USD. 10.00
Cover Letter (only) - USD. 15.00 [would only be 1 page]
Special Offer (Resume & Cover Letter) - USD. 35.00
ONLINE RESUME - USD. 35.00 [requires html design]

The above prices include drafting, designing, restructuring, inclusion of keywords and editing [proofreading, spell-check and grammatical errors check and word-reduction, if required]. Of course, the old resume details are to be provided with the keywords that are to be highlighted and any other specific additions if any.

Please also note that I have no interest in what you may charge your clients. It could be USD.150 or it could be USD.50. In either case, I am not interested in your prices.

My advice for hiring a professional resume writer
Always speak directly to the person who will be writing your resume. Never fill out a form online and then pay someone with whom you've never spoken, to create your resume. If you do, it will likely be prepared by someone like the person who wrote me that email solicitation.

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