Friday, June 13, 2008

Survey: Value of Online Degrees

Please take a moment to vote in this month's survey (top of left column on this page) about the value of online degrees. And if you want to make a comment about the topic, please put your two cents in after this post.

Here's one Job Lounger's comment:

"i would just like to say i am shocked at the number of people voting to say home learning degress are less valuble than traditional.

Students completing distance learning degrees in many cases have children, a full time job and other commitments - so completing a degree (THE EXACT SAME DEGREE) as someone who has had 3 years of ONLY studying, i think shows organisation and dedication."

Tell us what you think about online degrees!

Survey results:
The poll closed on June 30th with the following results:

Question: An online college degree is...
Participants: 65

Equal to traditional degree: 13 (20%)
Less valuable than a traditional degree: 28 (43%)
More valuable than a traditional degree: 2 (3%)
Depends on which school the degree is from: 22 (33%)

Thank you, Job Loungers!

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