Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Need a Job Reference

I graduated a year ago. While studying I maintained part-time and temp jobs. I had another job for a year, which I worked for free, I also worked for a recruitment company that fired me because I complained about my having been sexually harrassed on that job. I then went on to work for another recruitment agency.

The job offer I want so badly is going to be based on references alone. I can't get a reference from the recruitment company that fired me, and my other reference is being difficult because he offered me another position at his company for minimum wage and I turned it down -- this is after I had worked for him for a year at no pay!

I'm worried that I'll have to take low paying jobs because I can't get a good reference. And many low-paying jobs that are less demanding, won't employ me because I appear over qualaified. What can i do?


I'm sorry you've had such unpleasant experiences, especially so early in your career. You need to look beyond those two employers who are not willing to give you good references, and find other people who will give you some recommendations.

Ask your previous supervisors from those part-time jobs you held while going to school if they will serve as references for your new job search. Ask your former college professors if they would write you letters of recommendation.

Or, immediately start volunteering at an organization so that you have something current to put in the work history section on your resume, and you'll have a new "employment" reference. If possible, find a volunteer position that's relevant to your career objective.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan.

The other part time jobs that I did were jobs that were not relevent to PA work, which is what I am applying for. I will definatly do some voluntary work, and contact my previous university tutors and ask them.

I am now working in a call center, to start my references again, but this is taking time off of my normal PA work, and im only being interviewed for team assistant, or admin positions. I guess its hard when recruiters are only interviewing people who have excess years of experience in PA. Its quite frustrating as im a very good PA, highly organised and a punctual worker.

I have deiced to also think about setting up my own business. I have loads of experience and interviewees can see it, which is why they seem imtimidated by my answers and frame of mind.
I guess its taught me one think, i should ty and do something bigger than what im searching for. Its made me realise that I can be my own boss, because i have that drive, motivation, and loads of ideas.

At present, whilst still searching for higher paid jobs, im working up the ladder again, whilst on the side, doing my own research into other things that I want to persue.
Thank you for your advice.

Susan Ireland said...

You're welcome, Sophie. I wish you the best!

WorldlyMrB said...

I had to outsource my job references because I had 4 year gap where I had about 5 different jobs. I used a company called CareerExcuse and I cant believe how well it worked.

Nothing is worse than spending half the interview explaining why you went thru so many jobs.

Once I filled that 4 year gap, my resume looked so much better, and I was getting many more calls for interviewers. Only this time, I didn't have to sweat it out when my job references were contacted.