Monday, June 16, 2008

Short-Term Job on Resume?

I am an Executive Assistant presently looking for my next job opportunity. I have extensive experience in this field. Since my last experience was short-lived (6 months), I would like to hear your comments whether or not I should keep it in my resume (even though it is relevant experience)?

So far I went through several interviews, and I haven’t had any offers yet. Do you feel that one of the “red flags” is the fact that I worked at my last employment only 6 months? The reason for leaving the company was the fact that my manager was working out of different location (long-distance boss), and it was very difficult to build a really good working relationship.

One of the other reasons I think is my age even though I don’t look or feel my age (I am 51 years old).

Hello Asya,
Don't put the recent six-month job on your resume for the following reasons:

Because the job before your six-monther ended in 2008 and you wisely used only years (not months), there is no red flag in your work history. It looks as if you might have recently left that job (even though you left it at the beginning of the year), and are just embarking on your new job search.

On the job application, you'll have to list the recent six-month job, but for your resume, leave it off, as you have been.

Your resume is doing its job of winning you interviews; perhaps you need help with your interviewing skills. Try to get some coaching to see how you can tackle the age issue (if that's the problem), how to explain why your last job was short-lived, and polish your interview style.

Good luck in landing your new job!


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