Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Make a Career Change on a Resume

Making a career change can be tricky on a resume. If your work history strongly suggests to an employer that you want to remain in your old field, you need work extra hard on your resume to convince him otherwise.

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Jumping out of the Boat said...

I am working for a temp agency for the past 6 months after closing my business of 13 yrs. This job is not my most outstanding one but it is filling the gap-if my most impressive was 6mo.ago-how do I highlight that one and downplay my most current temp work?I have also been doing some business consulting on the side

Susan Ireland said...

Hi Jumping-out-of-the-boat,
List either the temp work or business consulting for your current job title, which ever is most relevant to your job objective. There's no need to write bullet point statement under that heading if you have nothing relevant to say.

Move on to your 13-years as Manager (not owner) of your business for the next job title. Consider inserting skill headings (combination resume format) for that job. These skill headings will draw the reader's attention to your more relevant business career and away from your current job.

Good luck with your transition!