Friday, January 07, 2011

Is This Ladders Commercial Professional or Just Plain Provocative?

I couldn't believe this commercial when I saw it on Comedy Central the other night. My mouth fell open and I honestly didn't know what to think.

TheLadders serves only job seeking professionals who earn $100K or more. So what does this commercial say about how TheLadders perceives today's professionals? And what does it say about how they advise professionals to be "irresistable"?

Tell us what you think!


Anonymous said...

Can't stop smiling, love it!

louise said...

That's just unpleasant. Ick.

It would get my attention if it came on the TV, but it wouldn't make me want to sign up and give them money.

David Wit said...

Looks like they are eroding their brand when they could have just set up a parallel site for the less than 100k people.

Steven said...

The commercial may have been fun but it was certainly matched with the wrong brand. Even the catch phase "make you irresistible" is not something that is used in a professional environment. A cake or a porn star might be irresistible but certainly not a colleague or a professional employee. I think this commercial may backfire on the company.

Anonymous said...

These spots are great.