Friday, January 14, 2011

25 Fresh Resume Phrases

There's been more buzz lately about overused resume phrases. Recently CNN wrote about LinkedIn's Top 10 Overused Resume Phrases.

Want to see some fresh ideas? Check out Kit Samuels's 25 Juicy, “Ready-To-Use" Phrases You Can Use To Supercharge Your Own Resume. Here my three favorites from Kit's 25 phrases, published here with her permission. Notice how Kit uses bold to emphasize the essentials.
  • Effective contributor—capable of voicing opinions about ideas/projects and giving valuable input when needed
  • Experienced at taking overwhelming, confusing situations and creating organization, efficiency and productivity
  • Conveniently flexible—can easily adapt to any changes that may occur within an organization
If you plan to use any of Kit's phrases, better hurry! If too many people get their hands on them, they'll end up on the overused-phrases list along with "Think outside the box."

Want to add some good resume phrases to this list? Just leave a comment!

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Maria said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing that link. It would be really helpful in improving one's resume. I believe it's better to write the whole sentence or the phrase, than just writing the ones in bold letters. Instead of writing general words, cite specific situations wherein you were able to use a specific trait or skill.

Maria Payroll