Monday, October 11, 2010

Need Professional Resume Help But You're on a Budget? Hire My Writer-in-Training.

I am training a new resume writer for Susan Ireland's Resume Team. For a limited time my new resume writer, Christy, is working with clients at a greatly reduced rate in order to get experience for her training sessions with me.

Christy is in my rigorous resume certification program, which will bring her onto my professional resume services team only after she has written 50 resumes under my supervision. So, if you need help with your resume... we want you!

If you work with my resume-writer-in-training:
  • I will carefully review the resume Christy writes for you.
  • My suggestions for improvement will be incorporated into the final version of your resume.
About my new resume writer
  • A Certified Career Coach, specializing in career transition.
  • Master’s degreee in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  • 15 years of experience in Fortune 500 and smaller firms in Human Resources Management, Employee and Management Development, Quality and Customer Service.
If you're interested in this win-win opportunity -- you get a great resume at a great price, and my writer gets valuable experience -- please contact me.

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