Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Do I Write a Green Resume if I'm Not a Green-Collar Professional?

The green industry is good for more than just the environment. It's good for job growth -- at least that's what experts predict.

If you're an environmental engineer, scientist, or other "green" specialist, you're already familiar with how to explore the green job market.

Even if you don't have an environmental degree or some sort of green expertise, the green market could hold a job opportunity for you. After all, green employers have many of the same needs (for example, human resources, accounting, sales, and marketing) as employers in other industries.

A Green Resume for a Non Green-Collar Job

Applicants for many jobs in the green field may not be required to have green experience. However, conveying your enthusiasm for preserving and improving the environment could benefit your job search because employer's like having folks on board who believe in their products, services, and ideals.

That being the case, go through your experience with a fine-tooth comb and make a list of items that support your job objective and your employer's green mission. Things such as:
  • Volunteer work (for example: oil spill clean-up, recycling efforts)
  • Personal projects (for example: composting, installing solar panels on your roof)
  • Civic leadership (for example, member of a green nonprofit board or committee)
  • Education (for example, classes, workshops, seminars, certifications, degrees)
With your list in hand, incorporate relevant items into a chronological or combination resume format. If neither the chronological nor combination format works for your situation, use the functional format.

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