Monday, August 09, 2010

Great Way to Close the Job Interview

You spend more time on the job than doing anything else in your life, so winning a good job is huge! How well you close the job interview could determine whether or not you get that job you really want and deserve.

Closing Interview Questions
As a sales recruiter, Peggy McKee knows sales. In this video, she teaches how to "close the sale" in your job interview by asking the right questions. As Peggy explains, good questions:

  • Demonstrate strength of communication.

  • Unearth issues and objections the employer might have about you, so you can overcome them.

Check out this video, and see if her advice helps with your next job interview.

1 comment:

Donna O. said...

If I had asked for the job on my last interview maybe I'd be employed today. Wish I had seen this sooner.