Monday, February 15, 2010

Unemployed? 4 Things to Do Right Away

If you're unemployed, you may be wondering how to spend your time effectively and how to fill the current employment gap on your resume and online profile.

In this video, Patra Frame explains four things to do right away to address those two unemployment issues:
1. Brush up on your skills by attending classes, workshops, and seminars. List those classes on your resume.

2. Remain active in your professional groups. Networking among colleagues may help you find a great job lead, as well as give you a relevant current activity to put on your resume.

3. Volunteer at organizations that are meaningful to you and, if possible, relevant to your career. Your volunteerism can be presented in your Experience section as your current "job title."

4. Take temp or interim jobs that provide income during your job search. Include these temporary assignments as current employment in the Experience section of your resume and online profile.

To see how some of these ideas look in "print," check out these sample resumes with current unemployment in their Experience sections.

Between Job? Now What?
video by Patra Frame


S said...

That's easy to say but you eventually still run out of money. Temp jobs are even hard to find. At least someone has a job telling people what to do when you don't have one.

Bonnie Valles said...

I've been out of work for just about 4 months, and YES, it is tough to stay focused especially with a 4m mortgage!

Even though I'm doing all that was mentioned in this video along with creating self-promotional pieces, I still learned something. And so I remind myself... READ, LISTEN, STAY INVOLVED.

I think the best take away from this is "get out there". Remember you've got talent and the more you invest in yourself, involve yourself in the world, the more valuable you'll become. With sites like and the LinkedIn forums, it's never been easier.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful ideas. They are a good start. Great ideas for filling in the gap of time on a resume created by not having a job.
Thomas Krueger

Jerry G. said...

Don't like number one, just because you get laid off doesn't mean you are incompetent. I lost my job at the top of my game and now the solution is to pay money to some one with half my skills and experience "teach" me my trade?

Anonymous said...

Ive been unemployed for 14 months. No temporary legal jobs out there either!

Fara said...

The hardest thing is to find a job lead that matches to my skill set. I relocated last year from Australia and am volunteering and following all the advice but even those temp jobs are very hard to find. Some more job hunt ideas would be great to know!

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what has been posted. It is even difficult to find a organization to volunteer. Most of them I have contacted have so many on the waiting list even THEY aren't accepting anymore people.

What is worse is that I wanted to volunteer my time to a local after school program for teens. Yet, since so many teachers are now getting RIF'd (ie Laid Off) that these teachers are volunteering their time to the program. So, no openings there either.

Bernicek said...

Ive been out of a job for 14 months. Legal field is dead on temporary jobs and on regular full employment jobs. What's a girl to do then. Did everything else you mentioned.

Blank said...

I'm 24 and have work since i was 16, and have 2 degres. I got let go in may and have been job hunting since, the classes are a great idea but when you only get €196 a week on the dole and your weekly bills amount to €195.22 it leaves you no money to do anything.
I cant even get a bus let alone pay for a course!

Patra Frame said...

Thanks for everyone's comments. I once spent over two years unemployed myself - and made a lot of mistakes. But a low-level temp position finally helped a bit with the $$ and eventually the recession receded and I found a good job.

If you cannot find a volunteer role in an area that excites you, consider doing something with a home for aged folks - use a talent you have to entertain or show your old travel slides or just go in and volunteer to talk to people. It is not only useful but you will sound and look better in your job hunt. Groups for prisoner and ex-cons as well as small child can also use help - almost no homeless shelter has enough help outside of the holidays.

Best wishes to all, patra