Monday, February 22, 2010

Can You Really Find a Job on Twitter?

There's a lot of buzz about finding your next job on Twitter, but how exactly do you go about doing that? Is Twitter really a useful job search tool?

I just discovered TwitJobSearch, a search engine that connects job seekers and recruiters for specific jobs through Twitter.

How good is it? I really don't know, but at least in theory it seems to have potential.

How the Tool Works
  1. On, enter the job title you seek.
  2. When the search results come up, click the "I can do that" icon associated with a job that appeals to you.
  3. At that point you're asked to sign up for TwitJobSearch. Note, signing up allows TwitJobSearch access to your Twitter account.
  4. From there you can:
    - Apply for jobs.
    - Send messages and your profile to specific recruiters.
    - Allow recruiters to contact you.
    - Upload information such as your resume, LinkedIn profile, or video message.
    - View similar information about recruiters.
To get a feel for whether TwitJobSearch is right for your job search, check out this video by cruitertalk.

Please note, I am not endorsing TwitJobSearch, and I have received no compensation for discussing it on my blog. In fact, I'm curious to know if it's something I should endorse.

Please tell us your experiences with and opinions of this and other Twitter Job Search tools. Inquiring minds want to know!


garyz said...

You may also consider 30,000 - 50,000 job tweets per day. 7,700 vertical geotargeted job channels. Jobseekers can even tweet their resume.

Home Equity Refinance said...

I 'll try to get myself register on tweetmyjobs. I hope that it 'll give me something. I am very hopeful. Thanks for the idea buddy.

Cynthia said...

TweetMyJobs is a bit overwhelming, and a little diffuse for those of us with non-traditional skills. I've been tweeting my resume like a psychotic grackle, but no nibbles so far. I hope TwitJobSearch (they've got to come up with a better name, calling people "twits" is not a good thing!) is easier to work with and more successful.