Monday, November 09, 2009

Top 14 Twitter Lists for Job Search

Twitter Lists are new to the scene and they're popping up like mushrooms. How can these Lists help with your job search? And which ones should you be following?

What are Twitter Lists?
Twitter Lists are timelines of tweets that you can choose to follow. You can make your own List, or follow someone else's. Many Lists are by topic, such as sports, politics, dating, and -- you guessed it -- job search. A topic may easily have hundreds of Lists to choose from, some of which represent a specialty within that topic.

Simply put, using Twitter Lists is a way to organize how you view tweets. It's an easy way to see what's being said about a topic, even if you're not personally following all the people in the List.

A job seeker might follow one or more Lists containing tweets about job search, resumes, interviewing, recruiting, and other job-related topics.

How to Follow a Twitter List
The best way to get the hang of how Twitter Lists work is to start following a List and see if it's useful for your job search. You can start with my List: SusanIreland/Resumes, composed of people I personally select to be on the List because they offer good tweets about resumes and job search.

Here's how to follow my List:
  1. Go to SusanIreland/Resumes.
  2. Click the "Follow this list" button, which is just under the name of the List at the top of the page.
You can see activity in that List at any time from your Twitter homepage by clicking on @SusanIreland/resumes under the Lists category in your right nav bar.

Now that you know how to follow a List, check out:

My Top 14 Twitter Lists for Job Search

If you know of another job search List you want to share, tell us about it as a comment to this post.

If you want me to be considered including your tweets in the SusanIreland/Resume List, send me (@susanireland) a Direct Message on Twitter. (Note: You must be one of my followers for me to respond to you.)

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Carl Mueller said...

Hi Susan. I am happy to have come across your website today. I hadn't yet figured out the Twitter List thing but your explanation helped and has spurred me to action to start putting some together.



Employ Me Today said...

Hi Susan,

This is a great article for introducing people to lists, but also for putting a great number of quality employment resources in front of job seekers. Well done. We'd like to add our site: Employ Me Today! to the list. Readers can also follow us on Twitter!

Thanks again.

Stevie said...

Great information, Susan. Thanks so much for including my list. I'm going to follow the others you mentioned right now!

ASCCareerOffice said...

Hi Susan,

This is a great list. Thank you for the mention.

Ciudad Empleo said...

Hello Susan,
Very interesting and educating article. I´m running a Mexican based job posting site, we are some of the first to use Twitter to spread the jobs offers in Mexico and Latam. and the twitter list: @CiudadEmpleo/jobs-empleos

Thanks :)


thejobswami said...

Hi Susan,
I just discovered your site and will ensure others see it on my blog, the job swami career blog. It is exactly the type of article job candidates need.
I look forward to reading your resume guides for my readers as well.

Bill Morgan
the job swami career blog

The Recruiting Guy said...


Great piece and I agree those who are staying with current trends in the job market will see an enhanced job search and more visability by those of us looking for them!

All of our jobs go to Twitter now.

Chris Wellington

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Phil Rosenberg
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Tatiana said...


Thank you for the great article!

May I add 5 more lists for Job Seekers:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, thank you for this great post. I would like to recommend one of my lists as a great to follow: @DaliaPHRJobs/jobs