Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twitter Your Way to a New Job

Of all the social networks I use, I love Twitter the most. It's easy to navigate and very unobtrusive. You're not sending messages to people who don't want them, you're simply posting messages (called "tweets") for anyone who wants to read them.

It's hard to describe to someone who isn't already using it exactly what Twitter is and how it works. It's sort of a hybrid between LinkedIn (you have a profile and a network of contacts) and a chat room (your tweets are short and can be read by anyone who chooses to "follow" you).

So, how can tweeting get you a job? In Using Twitter for Job Search, Louise Fletcher explains how a job seeker can benefit from Twitter:
1. Connect with recruiters
2. Listen for opportunities
3. Tell people that you need a job
4. Be impressive - add value
5. Communicate well with your Twitter page

Louise has reports of people who won jobs through Twitter. I can't promise the same for you, but I recommend Twitter as one of the many ways you may make your next career move.

Happy tweeting!

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Susan Ireland said...

Alison Doyle has posted an excellent list of Twitter accounts to follow for your job hunt. Check it out!