Monday, November 30, 2009

42 Job Search Quotes for Twitter

You're on Twitter. You want to attract recruiters, employment agencies, fellow job seekers, and other career-minded professionals to join your Twitter network. One way to do that is to use job search related quotes in your tweets.

Tweeting quotes is a great way to add value to your Twitter network because people like reading useful snippets of advice without having to link to an entire article.

Let's make it really easy to tweet job-related quotes by building a list of them here in The Job Lounge. Following is a list of tweetable quotes from me and some of my colleagues. You're welcome to copy and paste them into your Twitter message window and click Send. Please give credit to a quote's author by including the @twittername provided with the quote.

Notice each of these tweets run around 120 characters. That's 20 characters less than the 140 limit for a Twitter message, enabling someone to easily retweet (RT) your tweet and add a comment or hashtag.

Tweetable Job Search Quotes

Quotes about Resumes
Your resume is about your future, it's not about your past! @susanireland

If you don't want a stressful job, don't say "Work well under pressure" on your resume. @susanireland

On your resume, don't write about stuff you hate doing. Write about things you want to do at your next job. @susanireland

Your resume is not a confessional. You don't have to tell all. @susanireland

No more boring resumes! Write about achievements that make the employer sit up straight. @susanireland

Write bullet point statements on your resume about success stories you want to talk about in the interview. @susanireland

On your resume, don't say what you want; say what you offer. @maureencareer

Don’t make any claim on your resume that you cannot back up with an example. @maureencareer

On your resume, don’t just list duties; tell how you made the organization better. @maureencareer

A resume is not just a list of jobs. A resume is a picture of who you are as it relates to the specific job. @workcoachcafe

It's your resume's job to make it easy for the screener to say "yes". @workcoachcafe

Quotes about Careers
Think of yourself as the CEO of a successful company -- your career. @susanireland

Be a teacher to someone who can benefit from your expertise. You'll enrich his life, and build your self-esteem. @susanireland

You CAN do and be anything you want – just remember to make sure you’re prepared before making a jump. @meganpittsley

People often regret the things they didn't do more than the things they did. If in question, go for it! @meganpittsley

If you're not working, spend some time volunteering. If you are working, spend some time volunteering. @maureencareer

Focus on what’s possible rather than getting stuck in what’s wrong. @workcoachcafe

Don’t let obstacles – or misses – stop you. Know they are temporary and try again. @workcoachcafe

Possibility is all around us if we just learn how to look for it. @workcoachcafe

To get ahead in the need to learn to become your own best advocate. @workcoachcafe

We all have our moments of fear. It’s how we handle them that matters. @workcoachcafe

You set wheels into motion by being generous with your knowledge, info, & positive energy. @SteviePuckett

Trust yourself, listen to your intuition, and take action to connect to work that makes you feel good. @SteviePuckett

Sometimes people are surprised to realize what an inside game career development is. @SteviePuckett

Quotes about Job Search
Your job security no longer lies in having a job, it lies in knowing how to work the job market. @susanireland

Reach beyond your keyboard for your job search. Set up in-person informational interviews. @susanireland

Dance as if no one was watching. Tweet as if an employer was reading. @susanireland

Can't find a job? Find an organization with a need you can fill. Then offer to fill it. @susanireland

It's important to know, and be able to articulate what you want so others can help you in your job search. @eExecutives

You can't get a job online ~ At some point you have to get out and actually connect with real people. @eExecutives

You've GOT to network with EVERYONE for your job search - Who does your Grandma know? @eExecutives

The job market is supply and demand. You're the product and there are tons of you. Adjust accordingly. @meganpittsley

If you can't communicate and prove your value, no one will see your value. @meganpittsley

Be a layoff GRADUATE, rather than a layoff survivor. @jobhuntorg

You can’t find what you are looking for if you don’t know what it is when you find it. @jobhuntorg

Develop psychological resilience; get used to rejection and use it to impel you forward. @maureencareer

Everyone is potentially a contact either now or in the future, so burn no bridges behind you. @workcoachcafe

Quotes about Job Interviewing
Think of your resume as a prompter from which the interviewer will ask his interview questions. @susanireland

Pay attention to your job interviewer's body language so you can fine-tune your response as you go. @susanireland

Interviewing is like tasting wine: a first impression, the taste while drinking & the feeling left behind. @workcoachcafe

Interview preparation is key ~ write out answers in advance ~ most don't and you will stand out if you do! @eExecutives

Leave with the same positive energy you started the job interview with. @workcoachcafe

Look me in the eyes. When you answer my interview questions, I want to see you connect with me. @workcoachcafe

You want to use real life stories – being real is critical – to paint a picture of the YOU any boss would want to have. @workcoachcafe

Want to add to our list? In the comments section after this post, please share your tweetable job search quote so others can spread your advice.

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ilana said...

I don't use twitter, but here is my quote:

It is easy to find jobs that are stress-free - the only catch is that they don't come with a paycheck.

Denise said...

Update your resume every 6 months – even if happily employed. You never know when you'll need it. @DeniseMpls

Don't ask someone 2 be reference & not follow up. Your refs want 2 be updated on your job search so they can help u. @DeniseMpls

DO NOT smoke before a job interview or career fair. You might think you don't stink, but you do! @DeniseMpls

Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers said...

Know the answer to the question: "Why should we hire you?" @keppie_careers

Your resume is not an autobiography. Think chapter headings. @keppie_careers

Your resume isn't all about YOU; it's about how you solve the hiring manager's problems. @keppie_careers

It's your job to drive your own career bus. Take the wheel! @keppie_careers

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW said...

Your resume should be a focused snapshot cropping out unnecessary details/zooming in on compelling value. @ValueIntoWords

In job search, slow down/THINK; be thoughtful in each step (eat elephant 1 strategic bite at a time). @ValueIntoWords

Many positive career news stories going unreported. Good news doesn't sell. Limit news to small doses :) @ValueIntoWords

ldelpomo said...

Remember to relax and breathe during an interview and listen carefully to the question(s) asked. Never answer a question you do not understand, you can ask an interviewer to please repeat the question or to rephrase the question.

Kathy Ullrich said...

Career Advice:

Spend more time thinking about your brand and where it is a fit. Spend most of your time on those targets. - @GettingtotheTop

Career Sherpa said...

You won't find a job hiding under the carpet, so get out of your house! @careersherpa

Melissa said...

A successful job search is rarely done alone. @TheJobQuest

Showing appreciation to your network deepens ties, fosters give & take, & encourages them to work harder for you. @TheJobQuest

On your resume, it's not enough to say that you are the next best thing since sliced bread. You have to show why. @TheJobQuest

Anonymous said...

Here's a quote I recently came up with for work and my new career direction:

The more intuitively I work, the happier I am and the more opportunities I receive. @inspiredkiwi

Barb Poole said...

You do have a boss in your job search--your action plan.

Behavioral-based interviews are the setting to seal the deal. Be prepared.

The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the farther you'll go.

Carrie Krueger said...

Here are a few of mine:

Hiring managers can tell if you aren’t truly interested in a position. Be prepared to identify why you really want this job.

Stay positive by ignoring news reports and focusing on what it takes to get hired.

If #interviewers keep asking you about a skill you don’t have, maybe now is the time to learn that skill.

Phone interview? Dress up even though you won’t be seen. Sets the mood and improves your mindset.

Share the love! If an opening isn’t right for you, pass it along to a fellow job seeker.

Before going on too long answering an interview question, pause and ask if you’re on the right track.

TMI! Leave interests, hobbies, or personal sections off your resume, unless they strengthen your fit


Susan Ireland said...

Thank you, Carrie.

Tweeters, don't forget to give Carrie credit by including @carriekrueger when you tweet one of her quotes.