Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Break into the Healthcare Field... Even If You're Not a Brain Surgeon

Healthcare is one of the strongest career fields; and it has a constant need for many types of professionals -- not just healthcare providers. If you're not already in the healthcare field, consider using these tips to break into medical, pharmaceutical, or other healthcare sales.

In this video, Medical Sales Recruiter Peggy McKee tells how to get your foot in the door, even if you don't have a sales or medical background. Here's a quick peek at what Peggy explains:

1. How to write your resume:
Include keywords.
State a clear job objective.
List your technical degree, if you have one.

2. The value of a preceptorship (aka job shadowing)

3. Online and in-person networking tips
Ask your network for introductions.
Say specifically what you want them to do.
Use email (not the phone) to stay in touch with your network.

4. Interview Advice
Research and understand the company.
Answer questions to the interviewer's satisfaction.

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