Monday, October 26, 2009

The Best Job Interview Preparation: The Behavioral Resume

With all the buzz about behavioral job interviews these days, it makes sense to create a behavioral resume. What the heck's a behavioral resume? It's a resume designed to prompt the interviewer to ask the behavioral interview questions that will highlight your strongest qualifications. Continue reading...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan. Good information here and excellent links.

Bronwyn said...

This is great advice, however unless the hiring manager uses those types of words in the ATS then this great behavioral resume, won't get a look in. We need to change the environment and get the good people into the hands of the hiring managers.

I almost regret the introduction of the ATS, even though it is understandable with the number of resumes that are received, but it does relegate a person to words on a piece of paper and not the essence of the person your suggested behavioral resume would better present.

Bronwyn OShea
CEO & Founder
Online dating for jobs.

Susan Ireland said...

By ATS, I assume you mean Applicant Tracking System, which looks for keywords in an applicant's resume. I think you can easily build a resume that includes keywords AND story teasers. They both lead to good behavioral interview questions.

Job Resume Search said...

Well susan your links are very good. These are very informative for me. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post with us.

Karen F. said...

I think a great follow up to this article is to talk about the behaviors hiring managers are looking for in searching for the right employee. :)

I bet they could be broken down to skill categories too (this should make for a wonderful series). That should help job seekers include the right keywords in their resumes.

Karen, The Resume Chick (on Google)

Susan Ireland said...

Hi Karen,
Good idea for a series. It would vary, based on the type of work the job seeker is going for.

I think a good way to figure that out is to ask yourself the question, "For the position I seek, how would my new hiring manager define success?" That'll tell you what achievement stories will support your job search.