Monday, August 10, 2009

Do You Know Where Your Spell Check Is?

Don't give a recruiter or employer an excuse -- such as poor spelling -- to toss your resume or click Close on your comment after a blog post or LinkedIn question. It's important to have perfect spelling in your resume, cover letter, and online communications because spelling mistakes send the message that you're careless. Continue reading...

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Ronnie Ann said...

Excellent reminder! We really are judged on appearance, and as much as I abhor that, no sense sacrificing a possible job or networking opportunity through simple carelessness.

Confession: I once sent a resume flying with a bad typo in the subject line. Oh how I wished I could get it back! I debated what to do, and decided to contact the person with a short pleasant note. This does NOT always work, but in my case it did. to simply take the time to carefully check what you wrote in the first place!