Friday, August 07, 2009

62% Unemployment in the Job Lounge

Results are in for the July '09 Job Lounge employment survey. The news isn't good:

The total number of participants: 102

Question: What's Your Work Status?

Employed full-time: 22 (21%)
Employed part-time: 7 (6%)
Doing contract work: 9 (8%)
Not working: 64 (62%)

Did you read that last number? 62% of Job Loungers are not working!
In March 2008, a similar Job Lounge survey showed that 46% of readers were unemployed.

Thank you, Job Loungers. This helps me know you better. Are there any job search topics in particular you'd like to read here in the Job Lounge? Let's see if we can lower that unemployment rate by working together to be more informed about good job search strategies.

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