Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Stay Positive in Tough Job Search

Job hunting during tough economic times is hard. It's easy to get depressed and low on energy. In this video, Patra Frame gives ideas for how to keep your chin up, and how to help other job seekers in the same predicament.


Willr said...

Interesting video with some good advice. Unfortunately, her suggestions do not address the underlying reason that you are having difficulty 'staying positive'. This happens because it is hard to measure progress aside from 'getting a job'. You either have a job (success) or you are looking (failure). Unless you address these feelings, all the friends in the world won't address the cause.

Will at virtualjobcoach.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Susan. Needed it today.
Re previous comment: Job searching is like fishing. You are never "half way to catching a fish" You find the most likely waters, execute flawlessly and be patient. Remember, some people even like fishing.