Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Keep Your Chin Up for Job Hunt

How do you keep your chin up while looking for a job during tough times? That's the question for the Job Lounge survey in the upper left corner of this screen. Please take a minute to vote in the poll. And if you have ideas other than the options listed, please email me at

Survey results:
The poll closed on March 30th with the following results:

Question: How do you keep your chin up during a hard job search?
Participants: 90

Attend an in-person support group: 21 (23%)
See a counselor: 8 (8%)
Hang out online: 3 (3%)
Exercise: 30 (33%)
Lean on family and friends: 24 (26%)
Tough it out alone: 4 (4%)

Thank you, Job Loungers!

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