Thursday, March 05, 2009

In-Your-Face Resume

Jim sent me the following untraditional marketing piece he calls his "in-your-face" resume. Most notable is its lack of a job history. There are no dates or company names anywhere in the document! While I don't recommend this for most job seekers, I value Jim's creativity, and thought others might benefit from his out-of-the box thinking.

Here's Jim's resume, with the limited font and graphic effects offered on my blog:

Jim Doe
Business development 2.0
His Street • His City, State zip • 123-555-1234• his email


To help your company grow revenue and stay competitive in this economic downturn through my proven salesmanship skills and experience.


20 years experience – documented top producer selling both tangible and intangible products.
• Fast learner, street smarts, ability to close, six-figure earner, top firms.

Consummate relationship builder and consultative sales professional.
• Decision makers buy from people they respect and who offer value, especially now.

Experienced road warrior covering multi-state geography.
• Proven ability to communicate using all media sources.

Comfortable selling and presenting to all levels of management.
• Respected by the boss and all those working for the boss.


Resourceful, creative, idea driven.
• Customers and prospects actually look forward to working with me.

Provide solutions, work to be a partner as well as a customer relationship manager.
• Customers appreciate that I ask good questions, strive to understand their business and operate with empathy of current economic challenges. I under promise and over deliver.

Persistent, relentless, goal oriented, make things happen.
• Help customers get what they want. Do it sincerely. And we will get the results we want.
• No time for order takers in this economic environment.


BA Business – University of Dayton, Dayton Ohio
MBA Candidate – University of Phoenix

Upon request
• Detailed traditional/chronological job history
• Trade and personal references


I asked Jim how this unconventional resume is working for him. Here's his response:
All firms that responded asked for my chronological resume or asked "what industry did you work in?" Three of them commented something to the effect that "you are obviously an experienced sales professional." That was, of course, my desired response because many firms want to get away cheap and hire someone who was selling retail or telemarketing. Nothing wrong with retail sales or telemarketing, it's just not the professional sales I do (I am not hourly or cheap). This format is a qualifier. So I look at these employer responses as positive reactions.

I use a cover email. In the subject line I write a quotation about adversity, such as, "smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." That seems to get them to open the email, read my quick note, and then open the attached resume.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Jim. We wish you speedy results with your job search!

3 comments: said...

Love Jim's creativity! He is certainly branding / differentiating himself from others. The document peaks the reader's interest, and give an opportunity to request the chronological history for follow-up.

On the other hand, because of the potential time constraints of hiring managers, the resume could be perceived as a jest and be tossed in File 13 (the garbage bin). Notwithstanding, a bit of personal branding won't hurt one bit! Best of luck Jim!


Anonymous said...

I agree with previous comments. My suggestion would be to use the "resume" comments on the cover letter attached to a more conventionally modeled resume.

Vince Tarpey
a black belt in business development and sales

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the candid comments. In normal times I would agree, but these are not normal times and all bets are off. I will give the JL an update on successful responses.