Monday, November 17, 2008

No College Degree on Resume

My husband graduated from high school and took two semesters of general studies courses in college. How do we list this on his resume?

Place your husband's Education section at the end of his resume. Under the Education heading, put the name of the college and "General Studies." Do not put dates for his college studies as they are not required on a resume and in his case they would emphasize that he didn't achieve a degree.

If your husband has training that's relevant to his job objective, he should list list it under Education. Here's how that might look:

Hilltop College, San Antonio, Texas, General Studies

Relevant Training:
Inside Sales, XMB Corporation
Influencing Customers, Rangely Enterprises

Another way to handle a slim Education section is to combine it with another section, such as Education and Affiliations.

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Resume Professional said...

These days, while some employers are looking for education such as degrees or diplomas, others are recognizing the value of experience on a job and the skills that a future employee can have. I suggest that you gather some critical skills that your husband has and add that to your resume in a section to highlight them.

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