Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are You SEO'd for Your Job Search?

Are you search engine optimized (SEO'd)? When a recruiter or employer Googles your name, what comes up?

Do your best to get your name out in cyberspace to promote your job search. Here are some ideas:
1. Post your resume on your personal website. Your web resume should in HTML text (not uploaded as an image) so every word on your resume can be searched and found by a search engine.

2. Join social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as relevant online professional networks. Use your network profile to include keywords that can be found by search engines. Participate in network forums such as Q&As and chats about your occupation, all of which are searched by Google, Yahoo, and others.

3. Blog about your profession. Write posts for your own blog, contribute to another blog in your field, and make comments to relevant posts throughout the blogosphere.

Google your name regularly to see if the search engine finds you, and pay attention to:
How many times your name is found. If you're really SEO'd, your name will be found several times because you've been so active online.

What keyword searches bring up your name. You want to be found for all keywords associated with your oocupation. If you find a keyword that doesn't call up your name, find a way to make that happen. Answer a question in LinkedIn about that topic, find a blog to post a comment about the topic, and check that the keyword is on your web resume.

How you are ranked. Ideally, your name will appear at the top of the first page for relevant search results. If not, make it your goal to get to that number one spot.

This is an ongoing process. Search engines update their information constantly and often rank results according to how current the information is. So post often, update your online resume frequently, and make your cyber-presence known!


Jeremy Hatfield said...

Great post. I would add that candidates should utilize the many free online career portfolio services out their. Its a quick way to get found in search results and they usually rank high in the results because of the hosting sites authority. Candidates should also monitor their online reputation throughout the job searching process. To many times people ruin their chances for a career move because of something silly like inappropriate pictures.
If I may I would love to add to this topic from a recent post on social networks hurting and helping your job search

Thanks again!

web design and development said...

Well, whenever I type in my name, I would get a few sites pages about the things that I have done like the articles that I have written and others are other people almost having the same name as wee.