Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Point of Sample Cover Letters

What's the point of reading lots of sample cover letters when we don't know if those cover letters were successful?

Most people experience writer's block when they sit down to write a cover letter. By reading sample cover letters, you can break the silence in your head as to what to put on that blank document on your computer screen. Sample cover letters shouldn't be copied word-for-word. They're best used as inspiration for:
- How to grab the reader's attention without being gimmicky
- How to format your letter so it looks quick and easy to read
- How to make your points concisely in prose form
- How to show personality through your writing style
- How to ask for an interview or motivate the recruiter or employer to call you

So read lots of sample cover letters and make notes of good ideas you find. Then incorporate those ideas in your letters, using your own style.

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