Friday, April 18, 2008

Nuclear Engineer to Finance Professional

I left my position as a nuclear engineering designer (numerous other prior positions) with my employer of 27 years because my wife earned a career opportunity in another state. Since leaving my position I have returned to school to earn a degree in finance, which I will finish in May 2009.

I want to direct my resume and cover letter to getting a specific leadership development program position at BB&T, Inc., which is a first step to a position in that company. Do you have any guidance on this issue?
-- Tom

The career page of the BB&T website has an online application system for their Leadership Development Program. I suggest you use this online application system, filling out the e-form accurately. You will need to make some choices as to which position in the program you want. My guess is that each position is assigned to a specific recruiter who avaluates all applications for that position.

I didn't go into the system far enough to see how the resumes and cover letters are inserted. You will probably find that you can either upload your resume or copy and paste it into a designated field. In either case, I suggest the following:

1. Use a chronological format.

2. List your education near the top of the page, just under the Summary of Qualifications. This will make your recent, relevant degree stand out.

3. For your most recent "job" under Experience, put:
20xx-present, Student, Finance Degree Program, Name of School, City, State

Your second entry in the Experience section should be your last job as a nuclear engineering designer.

4. If the system allows you to enter a cover letter, make it a brief introduction that highlights how you look forward to applying your transferrable skills (such as analysis, mathematics, etc.) to the field of finance.

Best of luck with your career change!

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