Monday, April 14, 2008

Career Change on Resume

I am a 51 year old female that has been employed for the last 15 years as a driver for the handicapped population. We aren't just drivers and the physical damage I have sustained through the years of lifting and assisting my clients has taken a toll on me. Three surgeries have convinced me it's time to make a change before its too late.

Prior to this I worked in an accounting career after completing a one-year course in computer accounting at a business college. This consisted of the accounting course plus office mgmt, typing, 10 key and a few other relevant subjects.

In the course of my present career I also assisted in the office entering data, answering phones, filing and even doing some job development during a stint of "light duty" after another surgery caused by another work related injury. I am certified in CPR, first aide, blood born pathogens and have 14 years of safety awards.

I am currently taking a class in Medical Terminology, (off work due to shoulder surgery this time) and hoping to get into one of the many local hospitals surrounding me! My typing speed is still good and my 10 key is excellent. I would like to go back to an office setting yet have the dilemma of how to explain a career change on a resume. I am worried no one will give me a chance at an office job when they see I have been a driver for so long.

Any suggestions for making this change or what I can do to boost my chances of success?


Using a combination resume format (a hybrid of the chronological and functional resume formats) will present you as someone with the skills required for the job you seek. This format is often a helpful tool for making a smooth transition from one line of work to another.

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