Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Advertise Your Job Search on Google

Check out Jim Stroud's post, How to Use Google to Promote Your Resume, in which Jim suggests you put your resume up on your private website and then use the Google's Adwords Program to buy ads on Google search pages (for as little as $5 per search word) to steer employers to your web resume.

Jim's post is a good read and full of details for how to set up a Google ad, and what to say in it. He also mentions other online companies that offer targeted advertising, in case you're not a fan of Google.

Here's my suggestion (which I left as a comment on Jim's post) about how to phrase the Google ad:

Instead of using "Resume: Sales Consultant", perhaps "Job Wanted: Sales Consultant." My thought is that job seekers often key in "resume" to find help creating a resume. "Resume: Sales Consultant" might generate more click-throughs (which cost the advertiser -- that's you -- $$) by other job seekers than by employers. But "Job Wanted, Sales Consultant" would possibly generate more clicks from employers than from job seekers. Remember, it's quality not quantity that you want here.

If any readers use this technique and find it useful (or not), I'd like to hear about it. This approach turns a job search into marketing in the truest sense. You actually place an advertisement for your next employer! The ad is like a sign on your door. If you create an enticing ad, the employer will walk through that door into your website where you have your Login Here
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