Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Need a Job Reference

I worked with a company between 1990-1999. The company closed down in 1999 and I do not know where the people are that I worked with to use for my reference. I went to school from 2000-2002 and received my degree. I opened my business from 2003-2007. I closed my business and now I want to go back into the workforce. I need two references. Who do I use?
-- "Lost without a reference"

Job Loungers, what should "Lost" do? Please leave a comment with your suggestions so he or she can get on with his job search.

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Susan Ireland said...

Dear Lost,
You could get references from one of the following: your former college instructors, or clients, vendors, or customers from your previous business, or the director of an organization where you volunteer. If none of these folks are available to you, then look to civic leaders in your community, an officer of your bank where you handled your business finances, or a friend who holds a respectable position in a company. If necessary, start volunteering today for a worthwhile cause and foster a contact you can ask to serve as a reference.