Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Job Probation Didn’t Work Out

I was wondering what I should put on my job applications when answering the question why I left my last job?

I actually got let go after my 90-day probation period. They said I had great work ethics but lacked the technical skills that their company needs at this time.

I don't want to sound under skilled on my job applications but I also want to be honest. Do you have any suggestions on how to answer this question without sounding like I have no skills? Thank you.

by Gautam Ghosh, Organizational Development Consultant

I think should communicate it in a way that’s similar to what your previous employer told you. You might write on your application something like, “technical skill set was not a match for the project.” Then find a place on the application form to explain that you have since acquired those skills through classes, volunteerism, or however you gained the skills required for your next job.

Also, talk to the manager you reported to on your last job and ask if he or she would serve as a reference to potential employers, specifically to emphasize the “great” skills you do have such as organizational, interpersonal, etc.

All the best!

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