Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fired After 13 Years on the Job

I have been fired after working for 13 years at this hospital and 31 years in my profession (medical, hospital based). I have never been fired before.

How do I handle this? Most applications ask for contact info of previous jobs and I know that my previous director put "not to be rehired" in my record. My previous supervisor moved to another state about 2 months before I was fired so I have no "references" at my last employer.

I was contingently hired at another hospital, went and filled out their paperwork, and the next day they called and withdrew their offer of employment. Of course I called, and they cannot divulge the info that made them change their minds.

What do I do about this negative recommendation from my previous employer? Thank you.
-- Karen

by Richard Yadon, President/CEO, Health Care Professionals

Karen, without knowing the circumstances of your termination I can only give you some thoughts about what to expect. This may actually be a bigger problem in your eyes than in the eyes of a prospective employer.

First, many companies are so fearful of litigation that they will only verify the dates of employment as a reference. You should first find out what the policy is at your former hospital. They should tell you what kind of information they will release to prospective employers. If the information is inaccurate then take immediate steps to correct them. I'm not an attorney so you might want to bounce this off a lawyer in your state.

Secondly, just because a former supervisor has moved out of state does not mean you can't use them as a reference. I would include their name and contact information on the application.

Finally, if you feel you have a good relationship with the hiring manager at your prospective place of employment, tell them that you feel the references from your previous employer are inaccurate. Sometimes getting it out in front will either dampen the impact or, at the very least, save everyone's time.

Richard Yardon is President/CEO of Health Career Professionals, an executive search and employee development company focused in the healthcare industry.

From Susan Ireland
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Honestly Poster,

I have recently gone through the same thing and will offer something I hope will raise your spirits and release your angst. First, in my interviews I answered the last employer question by simply replying, without a drop of attitude or sadness, that after 17 years it became time for us all to move on. And that I was happy that this event led to me sitting here looking at new opportunities to excel with a new employer like you. Secondly, as the separation (while truthfully was extremely unfair and deeply painful to me) reveals everyday, it was actually a blessing that allows me to work with better people. I grow and contribute expansively in healthy environments that challenge me to adapt and improve on past successes.

Hope that helps - I know what you are going through and remember it is THEIR loss not yours. There was a plethora of reasons you were employed there as long as you were.... please remember that as you continue the healing that follows the shattering of your identity as firing, especially unjustified or unexpected terminations cause loyal and great employees.

Peace and success to you,

Jobs said...

Hey karen,

This is really bad on the hospital part. when you have served your 13 years of your life with an organization such an act from their side is unexpected and unbearable.
But few things we have to take up as they come in life and we should work hard to progress in life.
Few days back i was reading an Motivational Article on how we can think positive and carry on our Search for job.
If we work hard and remain positive in life there is nothing which we can not achieve. As mentioned by Richard also if you share good relationship with your next prospective employer you can always give refrences to your other previous employers.

So Do the best and leave the rest...
All the best for your Job hunt....