Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Asking Questions at the Job Interview

The employer shouldn’t be the only one asking questions during the interview. I’m sure you have some things you need to know. After all, you’re trying to decide where you want to spend eight or more hours a day for the next few years.

So, use the interview to find out all you need to know to decide whether or not to take this job.

Here’s a list of commonly asked questions that may help you make your own list. And by the way, it’s OK to take your list and refer to it during the interview.

1. How do you define successful performance in this position?
2. Am I correct in my understanding that the role of (such-and-such) entails (such-and-such)?
3. Is there special training you require or suggest for someone holding this position?
4. How do you envision this company changing in five years?
5. How does this unit’s objectives contribute to the overall company goals?
6. How will the current economic trend impact this department?
7. Which problems facing our industry will affect this unit?
8. What challenges will I inherit when I take this job?
9. To whom will I report and who will report to me?
10. Will I have hiring/firing authority within my area?

For more good questions, read The Best Questions to Ask in the Interview by Laura Morsch.

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