Thursday, December 07, 2006

Less Is More

When it comes to things we all value, time sits pretty high on the list. We say things like “Time is money” and “It’s not worth my time.”

Because time’s a hot commodity, it makes sense that a resume that takes less time to read is more likely to get read. So, less is more — more effective at grabbing the reader’s attention.

And by using a minimum of words, you’ll be forced to include only the very best stuff. So again, even though you use fewer words, your resume can be more impressive.

This less-is-more concept is used in billboard advertising, where the advertiser uses the fewest and most powerful words possible to grab the attention of passing drivers.

Speaking of billboards, take a peek at Mary Witt Needs a Job, a Fox news clip about a billboard resume. (I don’t recommend this job search technique!)

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