Tuesday, November 28, 2006

References Available... Not!

Don’t put any reference information on your resume. All that contact stuff should go on a separate sheet of paper that you bring to the job interview.

And... a big thumbs-down on writing "References available upon request" at the bottom of your resume. It’s totally unnecessary. The reader will assume that you have references, and don’t worry, he’ll ask you for them when the time comes.

Check out Reference Sheets for a sample reference sheet and excellent guidelines on creating one.

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JulieDJ said...

I have been out of work for almost 10 years, and would like to go back at least part-time. However, getting references is going to be a challenge. I have done volunteer work here and there over the years, and I could possibly use someone from that. I could also use my old boss if need be. However, that would be it. Do I have to have 3 references or more.
What is the protocol for that these days.


Susan Ireland said...

Hello Julie,
You're going to be fine. List your former employer, two supervisors (or co-workers if you can't track down your supervisors) from your voluneerism, and one character reference.

Your character reference can be a teacher, minister, or friend... someone who can speak about your good character.

Good luck with it!

RJ said...

I am seeing more and more employers whose ads request that references be sent with the initial inquiry about the position.

Well, no: I'm not providing names, phone numbers, addresses or email contact information about friends, co-workers or my previous boss to prospective employers before I even know who they are or if they're interested in interviewing me.

(Frankly, I have to resist the impulse to cross these employers off my list because their request is, in my opinion, both rude and unprofessional.)

It makes me want to put the 'upon request' line back in my Resume, as a hint that I haven't entirely ignored what they've asked for. Or shall I just mention in the cover letter that references are available...later?

Susan Ireland said...

RJ, I'm with you. Your reference folks have very kindly agreed to allow you to give out their contact info to selected employers to help with your job search but that doesn't mean you should send out their names and contact info willie-nillie without knowing if the employer is seriously interested in considering you for the job. That would be disrespectful to your references.

I advise you to put something in your cover letter that politely tells the employer that you will be happy to bring reference information to your interview or before hand, if they wish, upon request for an interview.