Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mass Resume Mailings

I don’t recommend mass mailing or mass emailing your resume as a first-choice job search method. According to Dave Lorenzo’s article Sink or Swim? College Grads Face a Sea of Opportunity, “Good direct mail campaigns (that’s all a mass résumé mailing is) net a 1-2% response rate. So for every 100 résumés sent out, Continue reading...


Anonymous said...

Your comments really resonate. However, what I need is a little different: I graduated a couple of years ago but instead of applying and interviewing and entering the workforce I stayed at home to raise my son. Now, my wife and I are poised for a schedule change. I'm ready and able to re-enter the working world and could benefit from input on "making up for the gaps." Perhaps you advocate wording my experience as father, caregiver, chef, chaffeur, etc., into my revised resume? Moreover, what is your take on part-time work (job sharing?) for educated and experienced adults looking to spend more time with familyz? Anyway, I had fun in The Lounge!


Susan Ireland said...

CD, let's figure this out together right here in The Lounge.

What kind of work are you looking for as your first re-entry position?

While you were a full-time parent, what other activities did you do such as volunteering, classes, and what not?