Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Format for This Job Search Blog

It's a new year and things are changing for this job search blog. The Job Lounge has an additional location so there are now two Job Lounges, one for articles and one for videos.

Job search articles on resumes, cover letters, and related topics are on Susan Ireland's Resume Site under the heading: Susan Ireland's Job Lounge. The most recent articles appear in the top center column of that homepage, with a bright yellow tag that says... NEW!

Job search videos are the focus of this Job Lounge (the one your reading right now). I'll post a new video each week.

So now what? Follow both sites! And, of course, tweet and broadcast the posts you like through your social networks.

What's the difference between Susan's Resume Site and the Job Search Blog?

Susan Ireland's Resume Site has how-to guides, lots of resume examples and letter samples. It's a free job search tutorial that has step-by-step instructions for how to write a good resume, how to write cover letters, how to answer questions in a job interview... that sort of thing. The tutorial section on Susan Ireland's Resume Site is more-or-less static and does not allow readers to comment. Of course I update its contents from time to time but for the most part, it remains a static, reliable resource for you to reference.

Susan Ireland's Job Lounge blog, on the other hand. is dynamic -- a conversation between you and me. I post a new blog article regularly on whatever I'm thinking about or working on and you're encouraged to comment and be heard.

So the blog is a fast-growing group of our collective thoughts and research. I sometimes use it as a laboratory where I play with concepts, ask for readers' ideas, and see what generates a response. You'll notice each post has a date when it was posted, in some cases indicating how timely the information is.

Join me over on Susan Ireland's Resume Site and stay tuned to new videos as they come out on this site.

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