Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Coolest, Best Color Scheme for Your Resume

Oh, please don't say "grey on white" or "blue on white" is a good choice for your resume because it looks cool. I know everyone's writing documents with blue and grey text, but it just isn't the best color scheme for readers like me who have less-than-perfect eyesight. Continue reading...


Ronnie Ann said...

Nicely said, Susan! Perhaps there are niche markets where the extra pizazz will get you noticed, but for the vast majority of job seekers, while they may get their COLOR noticed, the words themselves do not stand out as crisply and clearly to the resume screener.

One small note: As a former resume screener myself, I have to add that there are some very light greys and off-whites that, with good old sharp, black text, do make a nice impression and are readable. But a well-written resume with black text on white paper (that actually matches the job) always stood out to me. As for the blue and grey...hope it goes away. :)

Susan Ireland said...

What drives me nuts is trying to read a light-blue-on-white document such as an email on my computer screen. I just can't read it easily because the contrast is so low.

I understand people are trying to have personality and maybe give their message a softer tone. But that doesn't help when I can't read the darn text without having to tilt my screen or enlarge the print. Unless I'm really interested, I click Delete.

Thanks for your input, Ronnie!