Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Build a Civilian Network When You Only Know Military People

When exiting the military, you'll need to build a network of contacts in the civilian world if you want to succeed in your military-to-civilian career change. Why? Because most available jobs are found in the "hidden job market" (i.e., job openings that employers don't make public).

The key to the hidden job market is in your network. You need a network of people in the civilian workforce -- people who:
  • Have their fingers on the pulse of the industry in which you want to work.
  • Know about job openings that haven't been posted for public access.
  • Will recommend you for those job openings and help get you in the door for a job interview.
So how do you build a network in the civilian world when most of the people you currently know are inside the military? That's what this video by Patra Frame is about. Check it out:

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